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Contemporary, Mobile-Friendly Web Design That Will Connect your Business to More Qualified Customers.

Imagine This…

How would it feel to have a high-performing salesperson that you paid only a few hundred or thousand dollars to be your full-time employee? This salesperson would work for you tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No bad attitudes, no sick days, no vacations. 

The great news!

No need to imagine this!  In fact, this is what your website should be doing for you with the right design and strategy. Sadly, you have a problem if it is doing otherwise. 

Most business owners today can all agree that to succeed, having a website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to be in business. However, having a website is not enough to remain competitive in the marketplace. Today, a website should be more than just a brochure or a branding tool; it must be your sales guide.

When customers cannot find you online or find your site or have a poor user experience while on your webpage, they will simply leave your page to go do business with your competitor. Can you really afford to lose business to your local competition?

What to Expect From Dryver Marketing’s legal website Design Team

A Website That Displays Quality and Credibility

Website users appreciate quality and credibility in a website. As a lawyer, you went to school for at least three years beyond college and are continuously did more training, just to appear credible! You can have the most beautifully designed and technologically advanced website in the world, but if your content is lacking in quality and credibility, your design means nothing and you won’t convert quality leads. 

Mobile-Friendly Legal Website Design

Would you expect a future client to hop on a computer whenever they are looking for a divorce lawyer? Of course not! In 2018 52% of website traffic was generated through mobile devices. With that in mind, we make sure that your website is optimized to be viewed across all devices. Otherwise, you will be missing out on a big chunk of traffic if your website is only optimized for desktop usage.

A Website That Clearly Communicates Your goal.

Users tend to consume information very quickly on the internet. Therefore, it’s important that you communicate information very clearly on your website. Whether your user is looking for contact details or more information about a product or service, it needs to be easy to read and understood. Dryver Marketing accomplishes this by formatting text in the most effective way possible for your customers.

How Does our web design Work?

Our Legal Website Design process always begins with a conversation. After all, we can’t tell you if and how we can help you without knowing more about your business and what you would like your website to do for you.

With the information discovered from this conversation, we can help you create a unique strategy that is tailored to converting your website visitors into new clients. To make this happen, our plan will provide us the steps that will put your website in front of your target customers.

Examples of Our Work

Click the button below to view past examples of designs we have used to help our customer attract more quality clients.

Our step-by-step legal website design process


During this phase, we determine the goals of your website; for example, lead capture or provide information. This roadmap will determine the direction of the website design as we strive to accomplish your goal. We also map out the content structure during this phase



Your website needs to have consistent branding in order for the customer’s off-line journey to compliment the on-line journey. Mockups are created with the website goals in mind. Before development starts, the site will need to be be considered and approved by all decision makers.


The main template frame work is developed before the individual page templates are developed. Special features are added along with content, after the content has been written and approved. This is also where any media will be added. All links and functionality are put through a rigorous Quality Assurance test prior to launching the live site.


When all testing has been completed, it’s time to transfer the website to the live server where the website will be hosted. Live testing is also needed to ensure there are no errors or bugs on the live site.

Site Maintenance

In order to ensure that your website is safe and secure, a periodical update of WordPress is recommended. It is also imperative that we make sure you are equipped to backup your site to ensure no data gets lost. This final phase is also where content will be kept current and fresh along with any new information.

What makes us one of the top-notch web design agencies in Arizona is that we only build polished and premium sites from WordPress. Not only is WordPress comprised of 32% of all websites, but it also provides these benefits for your business…

100% Customizable for any Business' Needs

Your website is totally customizable in WordPress; from the color to the layout.

User-Friendly Platform

An intuitive user interface is the result of WordPress’ simple, uncomplicated technology. Adding new pages, blog posts and media can be done without coding knowledge.


WordPress allows its users to add hundreds or thousands of pages to your website without compromising the performance. Your website grows alongside your business!

A Universal Platform

Finding a designer to work on your website will never be a problem as most designers know how to work with WordPress. Instead of starting from scratch when you are ready for a re-design, a web designer or developer can edit the existing website. 


With responsive themes, your website will identify the device your site visitors are using, and automatically adjust the view appropriately.


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Who We Are

Dryver Marketing is a premier Arizona SEO & marketing agency. Our passion and focus is on helping legal professionals succeed through online digital marketing. We do this by providing an increase in traffic to their online presence.