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Contemporary Advertising That Will Connect Your Firm To More Qualified Customers, While Reducing Your Cost Of Leads Generated. 

What is pay-per-click advertising?

Have you ever done a Google search and seen the search results at the top of page one on Google?

These appear as a result of smart business owners taking advantage of Google Ads by paying to be at the top of Google searches.

Google PPC (pay-per-click-advertising) is a marketing tactic in which you can bid on keywords in the search engines. Google PPC is an exceptional service because:

  • Your SEO is still developing
  • Your Local SEO area may be very competitive
  • You want to bid on additional keywords or a competitors brand name
  • Your customers have a higher level of buying intent. “Example: what to do if after getting arrested for DUI”

how it works…

Let’s say you’re a traffic lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona and someone types in “DUI Attorney in Phoenix” into Google.

With Google PPC ads, your listing appears at the top of the result as a “sponsored ad” and the user clicks on your result

Your business pays for the click and you now have a chance to convert your website visitor into a customer.

Although this may sound easy, it is extensive management and research if you want a highly optimized PPC campaign. This is why we recommend letting a professional manage your local PPC campaign.

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns need to be continually optimized as bid prices change from day-to-day. Dryver Marketing as an agency bids on the keywords for you by doing extensive research on your competitors and checking to see for which terms they are bidding.

Unlike SEO pricing, PPC pricing completely depends on your Google Ads budget.

You may be wondering how can you determine your Google Ads budget? We recommend starting by checking to see what your competitors are spending and go from there.

If you want to request a free audit of your competitors Google Ads campaign strategy, get started by contacting us.



Facts about pay per click advertising


Percentage of search users who click on a PPC ad are more likely to make a purchase than users who click on an organic result.


PPC can help boost brand awareness by 80%.

Text ads remain the number #1 choice for being the most effective PPC channel for businesses.

What To Expect From Dryver Marketing’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising Service​

Immediate results

Pay-per-click advertising is the fastest way to get results for your online marketing efforts. Unlike in organic SEO search, your website can appear on the first page of search results in hours and get instant traffic.

More exposure to target customers

Whether you’re looking to increase leads or get customers to call your business, PPC makes it easier for customers to find your business on search results, Google Maps, and Display Network.

the ability to show the value proposition of your office

Use ads to highlight your unique selling proposition – whether it’s a limited time offer, a product promotion, or a discount. Paid ads make it easier to get your message across to your target audience.

Granular Targeting

You can customize your ads by audience type, device preference, location targeting, and ad scheduling to reach the right customers at the right time.

budget control

PPC offers a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. You can set your budget for the campaign to suit your business goals. With efficient campaign management, you can drive down costs and maximize your ad spend to get the best results.

Conversion Tracking

Google Ads shows you which ads are driving the best value when it comes to customer activity or conversions – sign ups, purchases, app downloads, or calls direct from your ads. This helps in making informed decisions on ad spend.

Our step-by-step process of your pay-per-click advertising campaign

Keyword Research

We understand your business and industry to select the best keywords that drive relevant traffic. Our PPC specialists analyze your competition and research your customers to ensure you’re targeting the right keywords for your ads.


Google Ads Campaign Set-Up

Our PPC specialists will set up your ad account with the right ad groups structure. We then establish the optimal initial bids using our own internal bidding algorithm and industry baseline research

Conversion Tracking Set Up

We report actual business results. We provide conversion tracking that focuses on the campaign’s positive impact to the business—not just on impressions, clicks, or traffic.

Ad Creation

We match the right ad to the right audience. Each ad text and graphic is created and tested to target high-intent customers.

Ad Creation

We test, monitor, and optimize every ad to get the best results. Our specialists monitor and adjust your bids to drive the best results.

Reporting & Analysis

Reports are sent weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. We show what matters to your business.

Why should you consider PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)?

You Want Better Brand Visibility

The equation is simple: PPC+SEO= Better Brand Visibility

You want to eventually start SEO

The true beauty about PPC advertising is that you can used the data from Google Ads to leverage your SEO campaign

You like to rely on advertising that can be measured

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is measurable and accurate. You will never worry about throwing money away on marketing efforts that bring a poor return on investment. With this strategy, we drive your ROI by constant optimization and finding new opportunities. 


PPC can be expensive, but only if you are NOT setting the right budget. PPC is a controlled investment. You can set a maximum cost-per-click for keywords, so you don’t have to spend more than you’re willing to on every click or acquisition. 

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